Creative Direction / Art Direction / Illustration / Storyboard /Animation for Born Guilty Title sequence
Produced at NiceShoes

BORN GUILTY is the story of a lonely and frazzled New York social worker (Rosanna Arquette) who can't resist the urge to intervene in her son Marty's life. This title sequence is designed to give the audience a little back story on how the mom became so dependent on her son.

I was leading the creative from the start of the project. By storyboarding out the story, I explored dozens of possiblity of staging and scene transition. From there we quickly decided what those big ten scenes are and how to connect them. 

The timeline happened in the 80s, we definitly want to get the 80s vibe. By doing a thorough R&D, I came up with the three main actors look. From there me and another illustrator Wenting Wu start to build styleframes for each scene.

Judith(Marty's Mother) - Rosanna Arquette in 80s fashion

Marty's Father:
Marty(Jay Devore)

Scene Design: